Monday, May 4, 2009


It's been ten years since the carnage in Colorado. It's been ten years since the public was captivated and misinformed (but that's another story) about two teenagers wearing black dusters who decided to annihilate their high school. It's been ten years and most of us have forgotten.

Eric Klebold didn't hate his high school, he hated the human race. The full blown sociopath had measured his options and decided Columbine High would provide the most casualties. He took 13 lives, caused immeasurable heartache, but could not crush the spirit of the "Rebels."

"It was a rough year. The football team offered a respite. Matthew Kechter had been a sophomore when he was killed in the library. He had played JV on the defensive line in the 1998 season and had hped to make varsity this fall. At his parents' request the team dedicated the season to Matt. Each player wore Matt's number on his helmet and Matt's initals, MJK, on his cap. They finished the season 12-1. They came from 17 behind in the fourth quarter to win the first playoff game. The players wept on the field. They chanted MJK! MJK!

They were heavy underdogs for the state championship. Denver powerhouse Cherry Creek High had taken five of the last ten titles. Columbine had made it tothe big game only once: A loss two decades back.

Supporters flew in from around the world. Eight thousand people packed the stadium. The media was everwhere. The temperature dropped below freezing. Patrick Ireland sat in the front row, trying to keep warm.

Cherry Creek went ahead early. Columbine tied it up at the half, and then their defense came ons trong. They allowed just two first downs int he second half, and a third touchdown put it away. Columbine won 21-14. Fans rushed the field. The familiar chant thundered throught he stands. We are... COL-um-BINE! We are... COL-um-BINE!

The school held a victor rally. A highlight reel of the game was projected, ending with a picture of Matt. "This one's for you," it said. A moment of silence was held for all thirteen."

Written by Dave Cullen

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