Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy Mary Mother of Christ

I was driving back to Paso Robles for Mother's Day on Saturday night, only an hour from surprising my mom who had no idea I was coming, when my phone started beeping. Text messages galore (two actually).

I glanced down at the phone and Brandy Davis, an aspiring Casting Director was requesting my services for that Monday. She was a casting assistant for a film that was doing a Director session and their reader dropped out at the last minute.

Of course I said yes.

I memorized my lines. Which readers don't do. I affected some emotion. And made a good impression.

Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill, House of Wax) was terrible, still stuck in teen soap opera mode, and made an ass of himself with what can only be described "false-modesty douchiness."

He was reading the part of Joseph for the movie MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST and somehow he made the reading sexual.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Gregory Smith (Everwood, Nearing Grace) nailed the audition. He was affable and kind. He took direction extremely well, interrupting a crazy director's notes and finding his own truth. Smith should get the part, and I told them so.

Afterward Brandy and I talked. She told me Carla (casting director) liked me. We talked a little about my career and she said she knew a former agent at ICM who would be a good fit. And now I just have to make sure it happens.

*Side Note: Almost two years ago when I was working at Sidney Kimmel Entertainment I read the script MARY MOTHER OF CHRIST and turned it down. I dug up my old coverage when I found out about the audition. Base case; I found the script boring. Now it's a movie starring Al Pacino, Peter O' Toole, and Jessica Lange. Go figure.

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